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S.O.S. is a campaign conceived in November 2012 by local residents on behalf of all who use the Elephant and Castle as a place to pass through on foot to ensure the regeneration does not neglect their needs - safe, quick, enjoyable passage from one place in the area to another. It has expanded since then to incorporate concerns about a bigger ring road and to take the lead in championing a better junction at the Elephant and Caste Roundabout that represents the needs of users and residents.

Richard Reynolds - Campaign Co-Founder
Elephant & Castle resident since May 2004, Borough resident since September 2000. He lives at Perronet House, a council block adjacent to the roundabout. Since 2004 he has guerrilla gardened neglected public roadside space in the local area providing a long term voluntary service that is beyond the scope of the local councils or TfL. In doing so he has met and observed users of the public realm at all sorts of hours of the day and acquired an international following and reputation. He was one of Southwark's Olympic torch bearers. He is a London Leader for the London Sustainable Development Commission and campaigns locally for improvements to public space alongside groups including Southwark Living Streets. He has an undergraduate degree in Geography from Oxford Unversity which included a specialism in urban geography. He works as a freelance communications planner. Richard is secretary of Perronet House Tenants & Residents Association.

Lyla Reynolds - Campaign Co-Founder
Elephant & Castle resident since June 2010. Lyla is Head of Education for a charity that advocates sustainability in the textile industry and she teaches school children across the capital about ethical lifestyles and fashion. She has a masters degree from Leeds University in Sustainable Develpment (2002). Lyla walks to work from Elephant & Castle to Old Street and is a keen cyclist as the 'stoker' on the Reynolds' tandem. She is currently on maternity leave with our first child.

We also have merged our campaign with the passionate tweeting of @roundaboutnews who has worked in the Elephant and Castle for five and a half years and observed the highs and lows of the roundabout.

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