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Since the launch of this campaign we've attended 12 hours of consultation with our stall alongside Transport for London at the London College of Communication, we have taken part in the London Festival of Architecture 2014 with The Pungent Subway, hosted three guided walks of the subways with mural painter David Bratby, been part of Elefest 2013, led a guided walk and workshop with CHANGIFY and had two Grime Busting missions generously supported by during which we sponged down and mopped the most neglected corners of the subway. We post events here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Requiem for The Subways

Requiem for The Subways. Friday 3 April 2015 at 7pm.
On the evening of Good Friday join us for a choral performance of a new composition by Danyal Dhondy written to mark the imminent demolition of the subways at Elephant and Castle Roundabout. We gather at the centre of the roundabout from 7pm for the performance to begin at sunset and walk the subways for a performance of seven stages. After 104 years of safe underground pedestrian crossings the Mayor of London and Southwark Council are ushering in an era of increased congestion, danger and pollution. Demolition commences on 9 April and the proposed Elephant Square will not be completed until the mid 2020. Join the Facebook event here.

The Pungent Subway Elephant and Castle Roundabout London Festival of Architecture 2014

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