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The Risk After a lot of campaigning and consultation with residents, users, developers and even a rogue TfL engineer we have devised an Alternative Proposal. It's a three phase plan that could see immediate improvements very soon with the final stage being completed with the forthcoming rebuilding of the shopping centre.

Our 3 Key Design Principles:
1. Consider the wider context of routes, places and plans that could be or will be put to better use.
2. Integrate the plans with the redevelopment of the Northern Line Station and Shopping Centre.
3. Maximise space available for all users to pass through safely and comfortably on their journeys.

In contrast TfL:
1. Ignore existing cycle routes and the potential for more in adjacent streets
2. Fail to take the opportunity for a better design that is only possible since
the new owners of the shopping centre set out their intention for demolition.
3. Force a costly outdoor leisure space to be squeezed into the inner ring road.
4. Apply city dogma of filling in subways.

Download the proposal as a one page pdf here and watch our animated explanation below.

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