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The Risk

There have been many different plans for improving the roundabout at the Elephant and Castle unveiled over the last ten years. The final proposals were unveiled in March 2015 by Transport for London (see below).

Transport for London Plan March 2015

The proposals are to remove all the pedestrian subways and extend the length of the inner ring road so more traffic spends longer here, particularly outside residential buildings. The volume of traffic flowing adjacent to large residential blocks of Metro Central Heights and Perronet House will significantly increase. It will take longer for pedestrians and motorists to make their journeys here, 10% more time for pedestrians, 17% more time for motorists according to Transport for London modelling data. The diagram below is our annotation of TfL's map.

Transport for London Elephant and Castle Roundabout Secrets March 2015

You may recall that as recently as July 2013 a plan was unveiled by Boris Johnson and the Leader of Southwark Council in which the Northern Line underground moved to the centre of the junction. This campaign discovered directly from TfL in October that much of what was unveiled in July was not their recommendation and in February 2014 it was confirmed that the underground will not be moving there, it is most likely to move further away into a redeveloped shopping centre.


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